In our previous article, we gave you organic source of vitamins for amazing skin, on this article we are giving you a routine to a glowing skin.

Health and beauty writers Chris & Bailey caught up with the gorgeous Love, Ro (@Ummeeta_xx) to spill her skin secrets! Let me tell you, skin like that don’t come by accident. Here, she explained the different skin types and the ways to reach that glow!

Love, Ro: My routine to a glowing skin

First things first, know the kind of skin you have. Is it oily? Dry? Combination? Sensitive or normal skin? My skin is normal so I can do almost anything without having a reaction.

An oily skin is usually shiny, greasy and may have big pores while a dry skin is flaky, scaly and rough. Combination skin is a mixture of both oily and dry. It is scaly on some parts and greasy on others.  Sensitive skin usually reacts to lot of products, be it organic or not. Normal skin is

balanced, clear and not sensitive.

 The second step is Cleansing.

  • For normal/combo skin;

Just because you have a normal skin doesn’t mean you just grab any random soap/cleanser. You need to figure out what works for you best. Most products have ‘Normal skin’ written on them. If you’re trying organic skin care then you also need to figure out what is best for you. Normal skins can also be sensitive to some stuff.

Here are some organic cleansing ideas for you to try on normal skin;

  • Chickpea and turmeric; you can either use the chickpea powder or blend some chickpeas with 2tbs milk and 1tbs of turmeric. Once you create a smooth face mask-like consistency, apply it all over your face with a flat face pack brush or clean hands. Leave it for 10 to 20 seconds and then work it into your skin like you would do with soap or a cleanser. Wash off afterwards.
  • Sensitive skin;

Wash your skin with gentle cleanser and rinse with warm water. Don’t rub your skin with towel, instead gently pat it dry. Try as much as possible not to exfoliate because it irritates even the most normal skin. Here’s an organic tip for cleansing sensitive skin;

  • Oatmeal; Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliator and cleanser. It works in drawing out all the skin impurities and helps in cleansing the pores. Oatmeal contains good portions of beta glucan ? a polymer chain that is made up of oats. It heals the skin quickly. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent and stimulates collagen production in the skin. Mix 1 tablespoon of milk (buttermilk or regular milk), 1 tablespoon of oatmeal and a few drops of honey. Add little water and work the ingredients into a fine paste. Apply the paste all over your face and neck. Gently create circular motions to make the mixture work as a cleanser and scrub.


Step 3; Moisturizing:

People tend to think they’re too young to need a moisturizer, but truth is everyone needs to keep their skin healthy. Apply it while skin is still damp from cleansing to lock in moisture. Find a moisturizer that is lightweight so it doesn’t block your pores.

The things you should avoid when trying to get a clear skin;

  1. Do not wear make up to bed; wearing making to bed blocks your pores and can cause acne. Wash it off with a mild cleanser or makeup remover. If you don’t have any use olive oil or coconut oil with cotton pad and wipe it off. (Baby wipes works as well).
  • . Never pop your pimples, as it can lead to infections and scars. Instead use acne-fighting products. Banana peel helps in clearing the scars if you have any.
  • . Do not share makeup or makeup tools. Infections can be easily spread this way. If you have an infection, buy new makeup after it clears so you don’t infect yourself.
  • . Keep your skin healthy by eating smart. Eat fruits and vegetables. Choose lean proteins like fish, chicken, beans and eggs. Avoid foods that are high in cholesterol, trans fats, salts and sugar. Get a good night sleep so you don’t give yourself dark circles. Relax, because even stress can break you out. Stay hydrated. xx Ummeeta


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